About JUS

JUS is an IT solutions engineering firm working towards providing value integration solutions for our customers. By solutions engineering we mean developing solutions that meet your specific needs and wants.

Our strength is in adapting technology to customer requirements. We work in hybrid technology environments and deliver high quality custom software solutions at convenient budgets. Our focus is to provide technology convenience to our customers & assist them in their growth.

Our areas of expertise include:

  1. Mobile & Tablet Solutions
  2. ERP & Custom software solutions
  3. Web & Ecommerce solutions
  4. Consulting, contracting and project management

Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals have hands on experience in .Net, ASP.Net, C #, Xamarin, My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Java, Php, and similar such latest technologies supported by Microsoft ® & other Open Source Platforms.

Our focus is enhancing efficiency, speed, accuracy, accountability and transparency in existing business operations by providing greater value to our customer.

We work in hybrid technology environments and deliver high quality custom software solutions at convenient budgets. We assist our customers in their growth. Our team of experts with their experiences and a contemporary service mindset work in adaptive models to suit our customer's business and offer innovative solutions that provide visible & tangible benefits.

We concentrate on reliable models of project execution & management with resonable turnaround guarantee. We believe in making the technology usable with easy and simple to use features, making the entire operations paperless and support a greener environment with higher efficiency and zero errors.

Our Values

  1. Navigate through paths less travelled and be leaders in whatever we do.
  2. Encourage and nurture creativity, imagination and excellence.
  3. Value integration in every solution provided to our customer.
  4. Integrity in all of our interactions with clients, partners and colleagues.

Our Core Strengths include:

  1. Personalised approach to each project by highly experienced professionals in the industry.
  2. Good Infrastructure (Modern Office, Qualified Employees, Latest Hardware, Internal Testing Team & High Speed Internet).
  3. Proven Credentials.

We can expand our infrastructure to execute any size of project based on customer requirements, with dedicated and isolated set-ups for individual projects.

Our vision is to offer personalized and customized services to our customers and integrate value with contemporary technology solutions.

Advantages @ JUS

  1. Domain Knowledge
  2. Proven track record with satisfied clients.
  3. Gain access to world-class software engineering skills.
  4. High quality and cost - effective solution.
  5. Competitive pricing & risk sharing
  6. We demonstrate a partner relationship as against vendor.
  7. Minimal turn-around time for issue resolution

You could reach us at info@justech.in and we would be glad to assist you in your growth story.