Consulting, Contracting & Project Management.

We understand that every customer has a unique environment and set of challenges. Some of these challenges are apparent whereas others need to be analyzed and then worked upon with solutions.

JUS works in an associative model with customers to provide

  1. Consulting
  2. Contracting and
  3. Project Management Services

Consulting Contracting Project Management

Here customers have the flexibility to engage in a model for in-sourcing professionals on a needs basis. We have an in-house pool as well as capability to expand with our partner network to provide a single window interface to our customers. Since these are on demand services, customers get the price benefit and allow us to respond quickly in budget sensitive environments.

Our consultants are rich in industry experience & innovative in their approach.

We understand our customers and work towards becoming an integral part of their business improvement. Our approach has been to merge best practices with organization specific challenges to fervor measurable growth. When we engage as consultants we come in with a neutral mindset without any preconceived notions so that we can better understand the environment, the challenges, the stakeholders, the mission and the vision of the customer. We employ quick strike experts to gather, consolidate and demonstrate quick action plans that can fulfil the purpose of the engagement.

We deliver our best always and work towards innovating our approach to minimize time & cost.

This embarks on our philosophy to provide customized and personalized solutions to our customers. We do not do one-size-fits-all solutions.

Experience the difference with us...