Don't buy insurance when you want an FD!

Isn't this a common phenomenon?

Custom solutions are all about your needs and your wants. Otherwise, you are as competitive as your competitor. That's it!

Our solutions engineering team understands this and works closely with our customers to comprehend their expectations & build a best fit solution. JUS designs, builds, tests and supports customized software solutions and web based products for businesses large and small. We gain knowledge of your business and help you apply technology quickly and intelligently to meet your strategic goals. Our skilled team of Business Analysts and Architects work closely with each client to accurately assess their requirements and determine the appropriate solution. Where needed, our expert team of Project Managers, Software Engineers and Testers can provide the bandwidth and flexibility to allow for a cost-effective "follow the sun" development and support model. Whether it be a website design, a software application, or a long-term commitment, JUS provides world-class solutions to meet all your software development needs.

The fundamental steps that we follow to deliver a workable solution are:

  1. Consulting & needs analysis
  2. Prototyping & component identification
  3. Solution Design
  4. Development & customization
  5. Integration
  6. Quality assurance
  7. Implementation
  8. Support
  9. Project Management

The method that we follow allows us to structure the requirements and allow the project to be constructed in phases. For each phase the customer confirms their priorities & objectives to the team. We believe that requirements evolve as we progress through the project. Our team engineers these requirements and adapts to the changing needs of the customer.

JUS was founded on the premise of building long-term relationships and providing greater value for companies.

JUS has successfully completed and delivered many innovative custom solutions & projects by adopting flexible and scalable architectures that ensure 24x7 Business availability and reduced development cycle times.

Key Metrics

Every project has a defined boundary and key metrics to measure its success. Our teams jointly work with our customer to define these key metrics that form the basis of evaluating the progress and success of a project. This helps both the teams perform their best i.e. the customer their business and the development team the program.

We believe that technology is lifestyle for companies. Better the technology, better the health of the company. But like the law of changes or should we now say accelerated changes, the life span of technologies is getting limited. Companies need to capitalize on this window of opportunity. Our team helps them achieve this with quick turnaround times.

We drive our teams to think out of the box when it comes to solutions & encourage cross functional culture. They have to engulf technology which is contemporary, suit the budgets of the customer, align with the competency of the users and provide strategic and competitive edge. This helps them challenge & redefine their limits.

We would be glad to share & grow our experiences with you. We look forward to hearing from you on our contact details mentioned or simply write to us at and we will reach you.