Farm Solution

A Mobile App for localized Farm transactions

Our research says that at a local level the farmer is still technology divided and relies on personal communication for transactions. This is the area that has interested us since the same farmer is technology adept in the sense that he would be open to using the smart devices for personal or social interaction. This we believe is an opportunity that remains unaddressed. Farm solution attempts to bring the local community under a digital mobile platform. This requires no additional hardware than the smart phone that the farmer may already have or can afford since technology has become affordable and accessible. Farm Solution is a maret place solution for the farm sector built to address the local issues. Farm Solution is built on new age technology incorporating the voice of users. Our research team worked closely to understand the challenges and evolve a solution that is easy to use and rapid to deploy. With this in mind we conceptualized and built the solution that would give only what is required instead of overloading with unnecessary features.

Overall the system is ingrained with the following principles

  1. Hybrid Technology Solution
  2. Easy to use
  3. Role based log in
  4. Quick Set up
  5. Affordable
  6. Improves productivity and profits

Farm Solution is easy to manage and deploy. With a role based access the system provides relevant information to users.