Identity, marketing, socializing and commerce

Presence to performance

JUS is a full service provider for web solutions, professional web sites, content design and development, internet marketing & ecommerce solutions. We are a highly specialized & creative web development company offering innovative solutions to our customers. Our e-commerce solutions offer customers simple user-friendly interfaces to do business online.

Our services include:

  1. Website design & development
  2. Internet Application
  3. Internet Marketing & brand building
  4. Ecommerce, CRM & support systems


Our teams specialize in performing Internet research and building contemporary & innovative strategies for brands. We believe in leveraging solutions from the rising curve and giving competing edge to our customers.

Internet is a wide platform for interaction, socializing, buying and selling, brand building, PR and much more. We specialize in building and executing Internet strategies for companies.

Some of the key aspects we consider when building Internet strategies are:

  1. There is no dress code but appearance always matters
  2. If you allow they will – Ease of use is the key
  3. Originality and creativity differentiates
  4. Listening to customer

On the other hand companies are getting more focused on return on investment from any media and internet is no stranger to this. Ecommerce is growing in its popularity as the preferred medium of shopping & measuring returns. Companies need to take advantage of this. The Internet has low barrier to entry, gives a global reach instantly, has global competition & allows convenience shopping for customers.

JUS leverages its expertise of leading-edge technology with cross-industry experience and creative endeavours to design, develop, host and promote full-service B2B (business to business), B2C (business to consumer) & now C2C portals to optimize business growth, enhance efficiencies, expand distribution channels and ensure competitive advantage in vertical marketplaces.

We provide the full range of portal development service after inspection of company’s online business requirements using our technical as well as creative expertise, which will lead the organization, to its complete e-business management satisfaction.

As a solutions provider we help you create your presence on the web and develop and execute strategies to increase your brand performance. Finally the bottom line should be met is the objective that we bear in mind. There is an ever increasing pressure on cost of conducting business. At the same time companies would like to try out innovative ways to reach out to customers. The consumer is exploded with information. So rightsizing your internet strategy becomes a key aspect and there lay our expertise.